Always dangerous when two men go walking together, on this particular occasion, Chris and Trevor decided that with ever growing waistbands they should try and do some serious exercise. Trevor suggested that they should walk the Costal Path of the Isle of Wight!

The scene was set with the two males in “full mid-life crisis” mode as they set off on their adventure. Well imagine the topics discussed – work, wives, kids etc. etc. and despite it being “Dry January” as far as they were concerned a recurring theme on the walk was “booze”, first they were going to distil gin and then they got onto the subject, close to both their hearts BEER!!!!

Their discussion wiled away many hours of walking with great excitement at the thought of setting up their own micro-brewery – Brockenhurst Brewery was born!

Chris was happy to fund the project and Trevor threw himself into becoming a Master Brewer. Currently we have a traditional Cask Bitter and to follow there will be an IPA and Lager.

Every good Brewery needs a great name hence “Smokin Deer” was born!!! It will be interesting to see if the waistbands of the “micro-brewing” duo continue to expand – what do you think? The rest as they say is history!!!!

Brockenhurst Brewery is based in the grounds of the Hotel. So you are guaranteed the best quality as our beer is literally brewed on-site!
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    This is the first in the line-up and is a naturally unfined craft beer at 3.8% abv it is an easy drinking bitter with great depth of colour. we hope you enjoy it and please let us have your feedback at

    What does unfined actually mean?
    Talking about unfined beer can be touchy subject in the UK.  For many years now people have become accustomed to crystal clear beers being served all over the Country, and hazy or cloudy beers have always been associated with a beer being “off”.  Below is more information to help you understand why we believe unfined natural beer is best.
    Brewers have been adding fining agents to their beer to improve clarity for a long time and, as a result, cloudy or hazy beer has been less popular.
    What are cask finings?
    The most commonly used fining agent is Isinglass – a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish.  It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification or fining of beer.
    Why is beer fined?
    Left undisturbed, beer will clear naturally on its own over a long period of time.  Isinglass finings merely accelerate the clearing time.
    Why don’t we fine our beer?
    In other parts of the world, notably Europe and USA, beer with a natural yeast haze has long been a part of beer culture. We want to continue this culture of natural brewing to get most of the flavours out of our brews. By omitting Isinglass, our beers are vegetarian friendly. Isinglasss’s main property of dropping down yeast has also the negative side effect that it also drops down some important compounds such as hop oils and strips down some of the flavour in your beer and reduces the shelf life of your beer. Unfined beer contains higher levels of brewers’ yeast which can be used as a nutritional supplement. Brewers’ yeast is a source of B vitamins, chromium and protein.
    Are we saying beer with finings is bad for you?
    Not at all!  Beer with added finings is perfectly fine and tasty, but we as a Brewery have decided to choose a different path, and we hope you will enjoy it!
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